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The primary goal of the MIT Animation Group is to provide an environment where MIT students can both express their creativity through an art form of their choice and collaborate with other artists who specialize in different art forms.

In addition, the MIT Animation Group is intended to expose students to the art of animation and film production, and to let students learn about these arts from their peers and industry experts.

Executive Team:

Joanna Gerr - President

Marwa Al Alawi - Treasurer

Caleb Richardson - Audio Director

Heya Lee - Marketing Director

Karen Gao - Animation Director

Council for the Arts at MIT

MIT Undergraduate Association
MITAG-related student film projects
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Past events including workshops & classes
CPW Character Design Workshop - Apr. 2019:
HackMIT - How to Use 3D Models and AR in iOS - Sept. 2018:
6.S087 - Learn to Animate with Stop-Motion (Class) - Jan. 2018:
Michael Scaramozzino - Creating 3D Animated Shorts - 11/19/17:
Other Events (Not Pictured Above):

Thought Cafe Animation Crash Course

aniMIThon Short Film Competition (Spring 2018)

MIT Animation Group & MIT Anime Club Joint Study Break

Spark 2018 Claymation Tutorial

Manga with Marwa (Character Design and Illustration Workshop)

Flipbook & Character Design Workshop

...and many others!

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