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Congratulations to the winners of MITAG's first ever AniMIThon: Allan Gelman, Danny Gelman, and Jackie Liu for their fantastic film submissions!

Lily Pads & Pebbles
By Allan & Danny Gelman
By Jackie Liu

Be sure to look out for their in-theater premieres at LSC later this year!

For more information about AniMIThon or any other of our animation-related events, check out our Schedule & Events section below and our 2018 AniMIThon portal.


Do you want to win tablets and tons of other prizes? Do you want your own animated film creation to be shown on the big screen?

If so, then join MITAG's first ever animation competition:

AniMIThon logo

The competition runs until the end of April, so join today to get started! For more information, check out our AniMIThon portal here.


Fall semester just ended, and IAP is right around the corner! We'll be launching our first ever animation class, 6.S087, on January 10, so be sure to visit our class homepage to register now if you're a valid MIT student. More information about the class is available in the Schedule & Events section.


The 2017-2018 school year is almost here, and it's recruitment season!

If you are interested in joining the MIT Animation Group Executive Team, feel free to fill out our 2017-2018 Executive Team Interest Form and we'll get back to you within a few weeks. Have a great last few weeks of summer!


Studio Hours start this Sunday! We'll begin breaking into groups and brainstorming on our first film projects. In addition, we'll be holding a brief tutorial about brainstorming and storyboarding.

If you're interested, check out our Schedule below for more information. See you there!


Welcome to the MIT Animation Group website! If you haven't heard of the MIT Animation Group before, here's a brief summary of what it is:

The purpose of the MIT Animation Group is to provide an environment where MIT students can both express their creativity through an art form of their choice and collaborate with other artists who specialize in different art forms. In addition, the MIT Animation Group is intended to expose students to the art of animation and film production, and to let students learn about these arts from their peers and industry experts.

If you are an MIT undergraduate or graduate student interested in joining, feel free to contact us as described below in the Contact section.


An Extra Dimension

An oblivious stick figure man accidentally breaks from the second dimension into the third! In An Extra Dimension, watch as our protagonist embarks on an adventure across dimensions to return to his home dimension!
Magnus Johnson

Eric Lambert

Music Composer
Björn Shen

Sound Designer
PREMIERE: Spider-Man: Homecoming
LSC Theater (26-100)

November 3 & 4
Graphic Means
LSC Theater (26-100)

November 7
Online Release

November 11
Watch Now on

Visit for more showtime information
About Us

Exec Team
Magnus Johnson Joanna Gerr Melanie Chen
President Treasurer Outreach Director
Marwa AlAlawi Sharon Lin Elissa He Caleb Richardson
Marketing Director Outreach Director Animation Director Audio Director
Michael Scaramozzino
3D CGI Short Film Production
Joanna Gerr
Flipbook Workshop: Animation Fundamentals
Jessie Wang
Character Design
Carolyn Lu
Anatomy & Figure Drawing

Contributors & Sponsors
Council for the Arts at MIT

Funded in part by a Director’s Grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT
Undergraduate Association @ MIT

MIT Undergraduate Association


Do you want to learn how to animate?

Do you want to make your own animated short film?

Do you want to join the MIT Animation Group?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please feel free to send an email to

or fill out our

2017-2018 Executive Team Interest Form

or check out the MIT Animation Group on Facebook, Vimeo, and SoundCloud!


Schedule & Events
2018/19 School Year Schedule:

• TBD • TBD AniMIThon (Animation Competition) •


2017/18 School Year Schedule:

An Extra Dimension Premiere

• MITAG Lecture Series - Michael Scaramozzino

• Flipbook Workshop - Joanna Gerr
• 6.S087 - Frame By Frame: Learn to Animate with Stop-Motion

• Studio Hours
AniMIThon (Animation Competition) •

Manga Animation Workshop Series •

Animation 101 - Spark 2018 •

Studio Hours •

Animated Short Film Competition

Description: Do you want to win tablets and tons of other prizes? Do you want your own animated film creation to be shown on the big screen?

If so, then join AniMIThon, either by yourself or with a team, and start working on your own animated film project today!

Dates: Starts 3/4/18, visit the AniMIThon portal for more information

Links: Competition portal
Frame By Frame: Learn to Animate with Stop-Motion

Description: In this class, you will learn the basic principles of animation through various stop-motion projects. Though we won’t exhaustively explore every animation concept in this class, we will discuss a few concepts in detail, e.g. frame-by-frame animation, onion-skinning, tweening (with digital methods), squash and stretch. By the end of this class, you will know about the stop-motion animation pipeline and how to take a stop-motion film scene idea from storyboard to final cut.

Dates: Starts 1/10/18, visit 6.S087 class page for more information

Lecturers: Joanna Gerr, Magnus Johnson

Links: Class page
MITAG Lecture Series
Michael Scaramozzino - Creating 3D Animated Shorts

Description: Thank you to Michael Scaramozzino, President and Creative Director at Dreamlight Incorporated for giving a talk on Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short, his book, and his career in the animation industry.

Dates: 11/19/17

Links: Dreamlight Incorporated website
Flipbook Animation Workshop
By Joanna Gerr

Description: Joanna Gerr teaches a collection of traditional animation principles, like squash and stretch. Attendees practice using these principles by creating short flipbook animations.

Dates: 10/08/17

The MIT Animation Group is an officially ASA-recognized
student group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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